Hi, my name is James “Jimbo” Williams and I’m running for District 28 State Senate, which covers Catron, Grant, and Socorro Counties.  


Born and raised in New Mexico, I have always been proud of my home and my community.  My roots run deep as a 5th generation New Mexican and a 3rd generation rancher in Catron County and I have a special place in my heart for New Mexico.


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3rd-Generation Rancher

As a 5th generation New Mexican and a 3rd generation rancher I Understand the value of creating something that will be available for today’s youth. My father and my grandfather worked hard everyday of their life to make sure that their families were provided for and that there would be opportunities available for their children. New Mexico needs to be treated the same way. As law makers, we must work hard everyday to help provide for our New Mexico family and we have to ensure there is something there, that is not only available for our future generations, but it is something that’s worth keeping them in NM.

Small Business Owner

Community Advocate

Any owner of a grassroots business will tell you it’s a tough road to hoe when starting a business from scratch. You have to be very mindful of when and where you spend your money, you have to make wise decisions that effect the future of the business, the people in that business and you have to put in an effort that is tough to match in order for it to be successful. As the owner of three successful grassroots businesses in District 28 I feel that more than adequately qualifies me to represent my constituents. We have to be mindful with our decisions today because those same decisions are going to represent how successful New Mexico is in the future.

When I started my business it was important to me to give back to my community. As a fortunate business owner I have been able to do that very thing. My customers are the reason that I have been successful. I see the importance of contributing to our youth. I see the importance of contributing to our senior citizens. I see the importance of giving back to our veterans. As your senator, my compassion for those around me will help to see the areas that need assistance and support. It is important that the people in District 28 know they can come to me when they are in need of something. It is also important that that they know I will work hard and pay attention to their needs even without them asking.






New Mexico schools are missing the mark in terms of preparing our children for their future. James will advocate for evidence based learning models and effectively preparing our students for careers and college. Vocational programming should be offered in every New Mexico High School curriculum. New Mexico can only build a better future by preparing the students of today in every way possible. The Legislature must invest wisely in re-building our entire education system- the era of throwing money at the ever-growing problem must end. Smart investment in New Mexico children and schools will return much needed workers and entrepreneurs to our communities.


New Mexico is a state rich in natural resources and entrepreneurs. The New Mexico legislature must to focus on the opportunities within our communities before we invest in out-of-state special interest groups. When James is elected to State Senate District 28, he will advocate for business friendly policies that will empower New Mexicans to build a sustainable and thriving economy. By making our state a destination for businesses to succeed we will develop a truly diversified economy that allows both rural communities and metro areas to succeed. James will also advocate strongly for rural development to provide the entire state the same edge in building sustainable economies of success.


The crime in New Mexico is out of control. When James is elected he will fight for better laws that will keep New Mexicans safe. James will advocate for the "catch-and-release" courts to find better solutions to keep the most violent criminals off our streets and provide rehabilitation opportunities for individuals who need the help. And, James will fight for the most up to date tools for our law enforcement to ensure they can do their jobs.








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